Monday, November 15, 2010

The Co-op Family

It was late August when I had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch with Our Health Co-op CEO, Cindy Marteney, at the Oasis Cafe' in Salt Lake City. The Cafe' is an absolutely delightful place, with a healthy menu and an atmosphere that blends the best of peaceful and convivial.  The conversation that took place that day centered around my enthusiasm for the Co-op and its products (I'd been a Co-op member and advocate for several years).  Much to both of our surprise, before the lunch was over, Cindy had asked me if I'd consider joining the team.  While I had a number of other projects in the hopper, the thought of being part of such a worthy endeavor captured my interest -- big time!

Over the ensuing weeks, with Tess (the Co-op's former Director of Marketing) preparing to take a job in Seattle, Cindy and the rest of the team created a position with me that combined elements of Tess' role with an expanded vision -- that of bringing even greater value to the Co-op's members through a variety of interactivity, including video, radio, and other educational and social interactions.  Cindy came up with a title for the position -- "Chief Community Officer." And I love that title, because nothing makes me happier than being part of creating and supporting a growing, healthy community.

As I prepared to come on board, the more I learned about the Co-op, the more enthused I became.  You see, back-tracking just a bit, Cindy, who's a long-time friend, introduced my wife Lila and me to the Co-op several years ago.  Our first product purchase was the very first formulation of Constant Health, which Cindy had recommended.

While the flavor has improved over the years, I have to say that nothing will top the amazement I found about five days into taking Constant Health.  Due to a rigorous schedule of international business travel, I had found myself quite fatigued and my immune system was certainly compromised.  The doctor had recently given me a wake up call at my last physical (my PSA levels were up significantly elevated, my lymph glands were growing more enlarged, and I had a genunine concern that I could be dealing with cancer again). Well, as mentioned, five days into my Constant Health regimin -- two scoops of Constant Health for the first week and then one scoop after that -- I began to feel a noticeable change.  I told my wife, Lila, that I felt like the "real me" again -- vital, healthy, energized.

So Lila and I finished out the first large bottle of Constant Health and then, because I just had to know for sure, we didn't purchase another bottle.  I was going to test the results.  A week went by and I got busy with my work-a-day world. By the end of the week, however, I remember looking in the mirror and saying, "Man, I'm dragging again."  The next day we picked up another bottle of Constant Health and dove back into our routine. Before long I was feeling perky and alive and we haven't stopped ordering it since. Constant Health has now become part of a regular healthy diet that now includes a series of other foods and supplements that I had originally learned about through Bill Henderson's book and website. (And yes, gratefully my PSA scores fell back into line and my lymph glands stood down from high alert.)

We've since stocked up on a variety of products from the Co-op and continue to be amazed at the great prices and the wonderful quality and service. And now, as I begin an even deeper relationship with the Co-op, the team and its members, I'm honored to be a part of something that has a purpose that's genuinely elevating and life affirming.  I Iook forward to learning more about you as time goes on and I certainly invite you to continue to join us in making Our Health Co-op an even more vibrant and remarkable community.

Peace, Love, and Good Health to you,
Chris Harding
Chief Community Officer
Our Health Co-op, Inc.


  1. Chris is very diverse and well rounded on many subjects. I was telling him about a lecture I was listening to and the speaker mentioned a story about a Buddhist monk from Vietnam. I wrote down the name as I phonetically reasoned it to be spelled and when I got to a computer to Google it much to my shock a porn site came up. Oops.

    After a good laugh he gave me the correct spelling and all ended well with that.

    Chris is a kind man, well loved by his family and friends, confident, inclusive, a contributor. I feel we have added a wonderful partner to Our Health Co-op and welcome our new friend and Chief Community Officer to the family.

  2. Thank you, Teri. It's great to be part of a team that has such a beautiful purpose and who work so well together.


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