Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Living Community That is Our Body

In his book, The Biology of Belief, author and cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, describes that human beings are, in essence, an awe-inspiring, well-organized, community of trillions of individual cells.  There is no function that the human body performs, he shares, that is not also performed by the most basic cell in our bodies. Like us, each of our cells ingest vital nutrients, metabolize, eliminate, rest, multiply, communicate, and so on. What was stunning to Lipton when he first realized it (and still is to me) is the level of intelligence demonstrated by our component parts.  It is the collective intelligence of each of these cellular components, some assert, that makes up the more robust and facile intelligence we think of as ourselves.

Now, regardless of whether we want to see ourselves as the collective intelligence of a mass of individual cells or not, one thing is clear -- the health of our individual cells is directly related to our overall health as human beings.  While this understanding seems elementary, it's quite astounding how little this fundamental concept is taught in our schools, homes, or societies.  What is it, therefore, that we can do each day to create a healthy environment for our cells to function and thrive?

Dr. Hugo Rodier outlines the basic answer to this question in his treatise on cellular TOIL.  According to the good doctor (and the many other physicians and scientists who agree) ill health begins to take shape at the cellular level by way of a four-step chain reaction which includes:
  • Toxins: Cells take in environmental toxins; 
  • Oxidation: Cellular oxidation (or the elimination of waste) occurs during the metabolic process and produces more waste than the body's ability to properly eliminate it;
  • Inflammation: Cells initiate an inflammatory response to harmful stimuli or damage (from toxins, oxidation, and other injury);
  • Lack of Energy: The cellular power plants (the mitochondria) become damaged and therefore lack the ability needed to perform the essential functions of communication and power generation needed by the body to function properly.
This process of TOIL, of course, leads to more and more TOIL-ing and, unless mediated, wreaks varying degrees of havoc in the body.  The equation, therefore, is simple: unhealthy cells = unhealthy people.

As anyone who is an active member of Our Health Co-op knows, the Co-op's answer to creating healthy bodies is incorporated in its mission -- to make health affordable (and fun) together.  Our way of doing that naturally, is to provide the quality supplements and vitamins that we need in our modern diets to ensure that our individual cells get the nutrients, energy, love, and support they need in order to function at their best.  For me, the fact that Cell Nutritionals is the brand name of the Co-op's own product line makes perfect sense.  And, it's even more logical, that the foundational product of Cell Nutritionals is Constant Health -- a product designed and formulated to address cellular TOIL.

If you've read some of my past blog posts, then you know my life was truly altered (in the most positive way) by Constant Health. It's for that reason that I have generated this post as a celebration of that landmark product and the fact that it is now back in stock at the Co-op.

Long before becoming a formal part of the Co-op team, I evangelized this breakthrough drink mix and I continue to do so.  Do yourselves a favor and read the research on this gem.  And then, if it feels right for you, know that you'll be joining a growing number of people who attribute an important part of their return to and maintenance of good health to this gentle, but powerful morning taste treat.

Peace, Love, and Good Health to you,

Chris Harding
Chief Community Officer
Our Health Co-op, Inc.

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